TESLA KARLÍN a.s. was founded by the National Property Fund and came to existence by the certificate of incorporation on the date 1. 5. 1992. It was formed in consequence of the approved privatization project of the state enterprise TESLA KARLÍN, a.s. from its Prague plant. Nowadays, it is part of the PROSPERITA Investment Company a.s. group in the field of telecommunications technology and it has more than seventy year’s tradition.

Over the years, owners of the company altered, beginning with the significant Czech inventor, František Křižík, through Siemens Halske, the state ownership, up to the contemporary form of the joint stock company. The employees were altered in a row of subsequent generations. Similarly, a row of telecommunications technology generations altered: step selectors, crossbar selectors, electronic tubes, transistors, integrated circuits, and microprocessors.

In 1997, TESLA KARLÍN, a.s. adopted important steps towards higher quality of enterprise management and its technical development as well as its manufacturing process and business activities. The company has acquired the ISO 9001 certificate, ensuring high quality for customers and enabling high-level cooperation with its partners.

The significant success of the company in the years 1997 and 1998 was reached by completion of the DS APUS development for modernization of public telephone exchanges in the Russian Federation telecommunications network. The equipment derives benefit from programme-controlled elements with high density integration made in surface-mount devices (SMD).